We listen to our clients needs!

Dave Chapin understands the significance of listening to their clients needs before recommending a marketing strategy to sell their property. We will listen to your specific needs, consider your financial goals and overall objectives. We will confirm the value of your property and then based on your goals, we will design and implement a targeted marketing campaign directed at prospective buyers for your property.

We focus our marketing efforts to provide solid qualified leads generated by our aggressive advertising, targeted direct mail, telemarketing, client data base of buyers, business owners, investors, OED affiliations, and financial professionals.

By utilizing Internet advertising and electronic correspondence we are able to advertise your property locally, national and internationally while responding immediately to qualified buyers questions, therefore, moving them quickly to a decision. Traditional marketing methods of placing a sign and running a few classified is just not enough in today's competitive environment. We have the necessary tools to accommodate a successful sale now and into the 21st century.

Dave Chapin offer sellers the most up-to-date services which include:

bullet Property Profile listed with MRIS Listing Service
bulletPrint Advertising
    Business Opportunities and Commercial Real Estate Guide
    Area and regional newspaper display advertising
    Area newspaper classified advertising
    Product Trade Journals
    Washington Business Journal
    Black's Guide
bulletInternet advertising
bulletElectronic correspondence
bulletProperty brochure and fact sheets, complete marketing packet including photos, plot layouts, equipment, etc.
bulletDirect mail advertising
    Area and regional commercial agents
    Mergers and acquisition firms
    Office of Economic Development
    Similar trade businesses
bulletOn call Alliance team consisting of attorneys, CPA, bankers, appraisers and acquisition professionals
bulletProperty signs
We will present our sellers with a cooperative and planned marketing approach mutually agreed to in advance. Various steps will be implemented on a planned time schedule to create maximum exposure to prospective buyers.


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